How to use IoT : Internet of Things for Marketing

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Today, we have to admit that with the fast growing technologies. And leaps and bounds, devices like IoT or Internet of Things are getting cheaper. higher quality Can connect data to various databases more easily.

Growth in number of IoT devices globally

Growth in number of IoT devices globally
The number of IoT devices in 2021 is approximately twenty-eight billion (28 Billion), which are either Callular IoT, Connectable IoT, or Mobile-to-Mobile IoT. One billion and five hundred million pieces (1.5 Billion)

Applying IoT : Internet of Things to Marketing

can be classified according to the type of marketing activities used or interesting marketing effects from IoT as follows

  • Paradigm shift of Search Engine
  • More insight of Customer Behavior
  • Product become advertise channels
  • Connect to more offline world data (More Analytics and Attribution in physical world)
  • Marketing Automation will increase Conversion Rate from IoT Trigger

1. Paradigm shift of Search Engine

As many IoT devices such as Alexa or Siri have the ability to support voice commands. Consumer behavior has started to use these devices to search for information by voice (Voice Search).

iot voice search

However, the style of doing Search Optimization or SEO will change. Marketers may need to do On-Page Optimization, taking into account the user’s Intent-Based rather than the Keyword-Based. as before

intent base voice search
  1. Intent base voice search
  2. Intents are what users look for, such as the word “coffee”.
  3. Context is the reason why users look for coffee. It may be “find a coffee shop”, “find a way to make coffee”.
  4. Asset is what we have to support that Search Intent, whether it is “Video Teaches Coffee”, “Coffee Shop Review Blog”, “Web Directory that includes coffee shops across the country”, “Our coffee shop location”.
  5. Channel is a channel where our assets will be displayed, such as Youtube, Medium, Google My Business.
  6. Optimization is how those users will find us. Whether it is doing “On-page optmization”, finding a way to increase the review score in Google My Business, doing Youtube Optimization.
  7. Ascension is a prediction of what the user will take in the next step. For example, press Get Direction in Google My Business

2. Deep insight from Customer Behavior

Because some types of IoT devices such as Beacon have the ability to connect to smartphones devices, allowing us to track the offline behavior of customers, imagine that we are a famous shopping mall and have our own application as soon as that customer Come to our mall, our IoT Devices can connect to the Smartphone of the customer that brought more data from

Customer footprint & Product located (In-store analytic)


And because these IoT are connected to the Mobile Devices of the User who is using our Application, we can further confirm (Verify) that the User is a Segmentation customer and has a purchase behavior.

3. Product become advertise channels

IOT as advertising
Amazon’s Dash Button

Amazon’s Dash Button
Amazon’s Dash is the IoT or Internet of Things that can enable us to order essential items in our daily lives, such as when the detergent runs out. We can press this button. stuck on the washing machine, Amazon will deliver detergent to our home.

Imagine that in the near future These areas can all be Advetising Placements or Ad Spaces.

4. More Analytics and Attribution in Offline World

Today, we have many devices that have the ability to bring offline data to connect to online in everyday life, such as using a smartwatch to collect running statistics. Speed ​​rate to share in Social Media via Strava Application


In the future, we may link data from various types of IoT such as IP cameras, RFID, or sensors to social media.

5.Marketing Automation will increase Conversion Rate from IoT Trigger

Marketing Automation may have higher efficiency, better conversion rate from IoT triggers.
Normally, we have to do Marketing Automation to Offer products and services based on Trigger from Implicit Data or data that we assume that when the user has these behaviors such as

  • Visit the product page 3 times
  • Come in and press Add to cart

So we take these triggers as a signal that the user is likely to be at the moment of purchase (Moment of Purchase).

🔥 But when we have IoT to help catch Trigger such as

  • The bulb is about to expire, can send an Offer to buy a new light bulb where the trend of conversion will be 100%.
  • Or if a customer walks in Lotus and IoT catches the customer walking around the TV floor several times and the computer vision of the CCTV camera can detect the mood and facial expressions that the customer is looking at the product intently, we can offer a discount to Helps expedite purchasing decisions This can be done through the App or through Smart Shelves or Smart Shelves.
 Marketing Automation อาจมีประสิทธิภาพสูงขึ้น Conversion Rate ดีขึ้น จาก IoT Trigger

Marketing Automation May Get More Efficiency, Better Conversion Rates from IoT Triggers

6. Benefits of CRM and Personalization from IoT

Imagine the world on the near future, we walk to Lotus as soon as we walk past that IoT sensor.

  • Mobile Application will notify Promoiton various discounts through In-app Notification that can Personalize or Tailor products according to our own purchase history.
  • Email notification of expiring Loyalty Points.
  • Or in the case that we are VVIP customers, then give the system Alert to the branch manager. You can come and take care of us instead.
 ประโยชน์ของ CRM และ Personalization จาก IoT

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