What is Bit.ly or Bitly, How to shorten your complex URL?

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What are the benefits of shortening links?

Shortening URL will make the link shorter, easier to remember and allow us to track the number of people who click that link. This allows us to use vary UTM pattern that can measure the results of each campaign on separate Media

What is Bit.ly or Bitly?

Bitly is a URL shortening service and a link management platform, and the company Bitly, Inc., was established in 2008. It is privately held and based in New York City.

How to using Bit.ly or Bitly to Shorten Links

When we generate UTM from a UTM generator such as UTM.io, we will get a long URL
for example. https://www.martechthai.com/?utm_campaign=ScanfromBook&utm_medium=QRcode&utm_source=Book1

Bitly is a tool to shorten URLs by converting long URL to they on domain name & 302 redirection “Bit.ly” for Example after we paste the long URL above in Bitly.


Bitly has made a new URL https://bit.ly/3dmbCZH by the way, Bitly can collect number of traffic (Redirection) from Bitly to origin URL

Another Example
The author has posted an article on Facebook Page (September 9, 2019) about different types of segmentation from Dr. Ekasit Patcharawongsakda’s book “A Little Book of Big Data and Machine Learning.”

So i was put a link back to the publisher’s website, using UTM and shortening the URL with Bitly, And few day later, I come back to Bitly, The statistic will shown how many hit from The Shorten URL


and another one of the coolest feature from Bitly is ” integrations”

If we are already using UTM.io and we have a Bitly account as well, we can grant access between Bit.ly & UTM.io, Next time you can shorten URL & Shorten it in a few second!

Bitly’s URL shortening through the UTM.io interface, that marketer life more convenient.

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